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Thank you for stopping by my Web site. I appreciate your interest in my music and my ever-changing personal situation. That includes my health and related subjects. Many of you already know that I am among the 1 million Americans who suffers from Parkinson's Disease – a progressive, incurable movement disorder. I have actually been diagnosed since 2010, but it has become a major concern in my daily life during the past two or three years.

It is not contagious, generally not painful and we don't know what causes it. It affects my gait (how I walk), my mental and physical well-being, and my ability to control my movements. Unfortunately, that includes my ability to play any musical instruments, my ability to write or remember songs, to dance, and to some extent my ability to sing. I have lost a considerable amount of weight (about 50 pounds), don't have much stamina, and have been forced to minimize my driving and other travel.

I am receiving what I believe to be the best medical care available, thanks to the neuroscience team at West Virginia University and Medicare. There are some very good medicines and other treatments available. Late last December I underwent a type of neurosurgery called Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). Once every month or two I visit WVU and they adjust my "settings." I am certain that I have benefited from this surgery and the ongoing attention I am receiving. DBS is not a cure, but it is a big help! For more information about Parkinson's Disease, visit

Musically I am thrilled to have recently completed a new recording with my two children. Clips, images, more information, purchase downloads or order copies—Coming Soon.

Thanks again for checking in on me. I have a wonderful and supportive family and a large and loving network of friends and well-wishers. Parkinson's Disease has taught me much about humility, gratitude, and the importance of counting my blessings.  Please check back often for updates!

– John

Just Us Lillys Debut CD has been Released

The Lillys are embarking on their first professionally recorded album with a fantastic producer and studio in Boston, MA. The Lillys have been working hard on their new material and are so excited at this opportunity to bring their project to life.

Just Us Lillys - Not Far from the Tree - cover art

Officially Released: the new John Lilly Tribute CD

John Lilly

John Lilly
Award-winning and memorable original songs.
Hidden gems by Hank Williams, the Louvin Brothers and Jimmie Rodgers.
Ancient folk ballads and traditional tunes.
Music of unusual depth and sincerity.

"If Hank Williams had a sunny disposition, he'd be John Lilly."

Americana • Country Roots • Traditional Folk


John Lilly
 P.O. Box 2963, Elkins, WV 26241

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